Cambridge movers unit 11

things we eat and drink

Dans cette leçon nous allons apprendre à parler plus longuement de ce que nous mangeons et buvons


this sandwich is made with bread, butter, ham, cheese, and lettuce

we often add milk and sugar to coffee but some people prefer it without

smoothies are made from fruit and milk

pancakes are hot, thin, round, and delicious!

most people love eating sweets!

sometimes we drink soup from a cup

there are many different kinds of potatoes

we make fries from potatoes

a hot drink in a cup

a cold drink in a glass


most or many?

most = le plupart, c'est a dire plus que la moitié
many = beaucoup (peut être remplacé par lots of)

most people like sweets - le plupart des gens aiment les bonbons

there are many different types of potatoes -il y a beaucoup de différents types de pomme de terre