Cambridge movers unit 22

a trip to the city

Dans cette leçon nous allons apprendre le comparatif!


the village is quiet. Not many people live there.

the city is noisy. lots of people live there.

the village is quieter than the city.

the city is noisier than the village.

in the village there are some pretty houses and gardens.

in the city there are lots of tall buildings.

the village is prettier than the city.

the buildings are taller than the houses.

there is only one shop in the village.

there are lots of shops in the shopping centre.

people walk slowly in the country.

people walk quickly in the city.

grammar box

Let’s look at comparative adjectives.

We use comparative adjectives to compare two or more things or people.

 For example: Jack is tall. Roger is small. 

Jack is taller than Roger.

To make the comparative we have taken the adjective tall, and added er : TALL + ER = taller . 

This rule applies to most adjectives but there are some spelling variations, and there are some irregular adjectives which have to be learnt!

Watch the first video to see how to form the comparative with regular and irregular adjectives, and learn the spelling rules. Then do the fun quiz in the second video. 

Finally, you can practice by doing the exercices at the bottom of the page.

 Have fun!!


Nous allons regarder l’adjectif comparatif.

Nous utilison l’adjectif comparatif pour comparer deux choses ou personnes.

Exemple: Jack is tall. Roger is small.

Jack is taller than Roger.

Nous formons le comparatif à partir d’un adjective (tall) auquel nous ajoutons er : TALL + ER = taller

Cette regle s’applique à presque tous les adjectifs mais parfois il y a des variations d’ortographe et, il y a des adjectifs irreguliers qu’il faut apprendre par coeur.

Dans la premiere vidéo nous allons voir comment former le comparatif avec les adjectifs reguliers et irreguliers. Dans la deuxième vidéo il y a un quiz amusant !

Finalement on s’entraîne avec les activités en bas de la page.

Have fun!!



let's learn more about the comparative and superlative