Cambridge movers unit 27

seeing differences

Dans cette leçon nous allons apprendre à reconnaître une chose, une personne selon une déscription
grammaire:expanding vocabulary


you can eat this. it is brown or white. you slice it with a knife, then spread it with butter and jam.
it's bread!

you can make this with two slices of bread. it often includes ham, cheese or chicken and salad.
it's a sandwich!

this is a vegetable that rabbits like to eat. it is orange and very hard. you can eat it raw or cooked.
it's a carrot!

this is a person whose job it is to look after you at the hospital.
it's a nurse!

this is a vehicle which can carry many people. sometimes it takes you to school or on a trip!
it's a bus!

you wear these on your feet when it rains. they keep your feet dry when you go for a walk.
they are wellington boots!

this is wet, white, and falls from the sky when the weather is cold.
it's snow!

this is a place you go to eat nice food. there are many different kinds and my favourite is italian.
it's a restaurant!

this is a place you go to with your friends or family to watch the latest movies. some people fall asleep here!
it's a cinema!

this is a sport that you play with a raquette and balls. you run a lot. there are two or four players.
it's tennis!

Grammar box


this = celui-ci, celle-ci
that= celui-là, celle-la
these = ceux-là,ceux-ci,
those =celles-là, celles-ci

This is the big house = celle-ci est la grande maison. (proche)
that is the small house = celle-là est la petie maison (loin)
this is the cake mum made
that is the cake dad made
can you translate these two sentences?

these are the books about dinosaurs = ceux-ci sont les livres sur les dinosaures
those are the books about planets = ceux-là sont les livres sur les planetes
these are mine
those are yours
can you translate these two sentences?