Cambridge movers unit 28

our busy holidays

Dans cette leçon nous allons parler de ce que nous faisons d'habitude en vacances
grammaire: adverbes de fréquence


when we go on holiday we always like to be busy and have new adventures

we always take our dog on holiday with us

we sometimes go for a helicopter ride. so exciting!

we usually swim in the sea everyday, even if it is cold!

our parents often have a game of tennis together

we rarely go mountain climbing because my brother is scared

when we are on holiday we never use our tablets or mobile phones

we always prefer spending time outside, it's more fun!

sometimes when it rains we stay indoors and play games

but usually the weather is fine and we can go for long walks

Grammar box

REMINDER - adverbes de fréquence

Never : jamais
Ever : déjà ( phrases interrogatives)
Often : souvent
Always : toujours
Sometimes : parfois
Usually : habituellement, d’habitude.
En anglais, les adverbes de fréquence se placent aprés l’auxiliaire (y compris le verbe auxiliaire be) et avant le verbe.
S’il n’y a pas d’auxiliaire, l’adverbe se place entre le sujet et le verbe.

Our team doesn’t often practice on weekdays.
Do your parents always watch you play ?
I am always tired after a match.
We sometimes play against boys.

Remarque : Sometimes et usually peuvent aussi se placer au début d’une phrase.
Sometimes I feel a bit nervous before a match.