Cambridge movers unit 29

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Dans cette leçon nous allons apprendre à parler de ce que nous faisons et comment
grammaire:adverbes de manière


people in my country don't drive slowly

my little brother shouts very loudly

mum always carry cakes carefully

my sisters dance really badly

our teacher sings really well

my sister runs very quickly

she slept badly last night and now she feels really tired

i ate my pizza too quickly and now i feel sick

my dad always plays his guitar very loudly

they are working together very happily

Grammar box

adverbes de manière

Ils expliquent comment une action se déploie. En général, on reconnait les adverbes de manière en anglais par leur terminaison en « ly ». ils sont formé à partir de l'adjectif.

loud = loudly
careful = carefully
voici quelques exemples de phrase:
loudly (bruyamment) The dog barks loudly.
carefully (prudemment) My sister drives carefully.
slowly (lentement) The tortoise moves slowly.
quickly (rapidement) He agreed to phone him quickly.
fluently (couramment) They speak English fluently.

NB: il y a des exceptions!!

hard = hard
good = well
fast = fast
late = late