Cambridge movers unit 5

the woman in the red dress

Dans cette leçon nous allons apprendre à décrire les gens en plus de détail, leurs vêtements, leurs occupations.


he's wearing a baseball cap. he's catching the ball.

she's wearing her helmet, her gloves, and her jacket. she's skiing.

the girl swimming in the pool is wearing a white swimsuit.

the boy is wearing jeans and a t-shirt. he's roller skating in the park

the funny clown is wearing a red hat and a red nose! he's reading a newspaper.

the brown dog is wearing an orange scarf! he's going for a walk.

in this picture everyone is wearing jeans and trainers but what are they doing?

i'm wearing my favourite socks! now i'm going to put on my shoes.

the baby girl is wearing a pretty dress. she's sitting on the floor. doesn't she look cute!

she's wearing a coat, a hat, a scarf and boots. she's walking in the cold snow.

grammar box

Three verbs that are useful when talking about clothes are:

wear – put on – get dressed

(porter – mettre – s’habiller)

We use the verb wear in the present continuous to describe how someone is dressed:

(Nous utilisons le verbe wear, conjugué au présent continu, pour décrire les vêtements que nous avons sur nous maintenant)

She is wearing a red dress

(Elle porte une robe rouge)

We use the verbs put on and get dressed to when there is an action 

Nous utilisons les verbes put on and get dressed quand il y a une action 

She is getting dressed to go to school

(Elle s’habille pour aller à l’école)

He is putting on his new shoes

(Il met ses nouvelles chaussures)


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