Cambridge movers unit 7

what's the weather like?

Dans cette leçon nous allons apprendre à parler de la météo


is it hot today? no, it's snowy and cold.

when it's windy you can fly your kite.

i don't like the rain, you get wet!

it's sunny! let's go for a swim!

what's the weather like? it's cloudy.

it's very hot in the desert.

the moon and the stars come out at night.

look at the beautiful rainbow in the sky!

when it's stormy you often see lightning.

oh dear, it's foggy in london today.

grammar box


 We use verbs and adjectives to describe the weather in English

En anglais nous utilisons verbs et adjectifs pour décrire le temps qu’il fait

We use the verb only to indicate that this is happening at the time of speaking: it’s raining, or it’s snowing.

Quand on utilise le verb “it’s raining, it’s snowing” ça veut dire que ça se passe en ce moment même

However we do not say it’s sunning, it’s fogging, it’s clouding….

Attention, on ne peut pas dire “it’s sunning, it’s fogging, it’s clouding…..” mais “it’s sunny, it’s foggy, it’s cloudy”

To decribe the weather in broader terms we use the adjectives: rainy, snowy, sunny, stormy, windy, foggy, cloudy.

Pour décrire la météo dans un sens plus large on utilise les adjectifs rainy, sunny, stormy, windy, foggy, cloudy

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