My house 4


The "My House" replay is relating  to this period of confinement.

The children will learn vocabulary regarding the house and the objects within the house.
It will all be concluded and tied together with a video made by the students filming their home,  putting to use what they have learned.

In this lesson we learn how to talk about our house or apartment. 
We will learn different ways of describing our house and the objects we have.

Let’s go!


This is a cooker

I live in a house

I live in an apartment

I have a garden

This is my Teddy bear

I have a table and chairs

This is my bedroom

These are my toys

These are my books

This is my brother's bedroom

This is my sister's bedroom

This is my parents' bedroom

This is

These are

Grammar box

THIS et THESE sont des démonstratifs.
Ils sont utilisés pour parler d'une ou de plusieurs choses (ou personnes) proche(s) de celle qui parle.

THIS se traduit par CE, CET, CETTE.
On l'utilise devant un mot au singulier.
 Ex: I've already read this book. = J'ai déjà lu ce livre.

THESE se traduit par CES.
On l'utilise devant un mot au pluriel.
 Ex: Don't open these presents!= N'ouvre pas ces cadeaux!


THIS and THESE are demonstrative.
They are used to talk about one or more things (or people) close to the speaker.

THIS translates to CE, CET, CETTE.
It is used before a word in the singular.
  Ex: I've already read this book.

THESE translates as CES.
It is used before a word in the plural.
  Ex: Don't open these presents!