My house 5

This is my home, welcome in!

The « My House » replay is relating to this period of confinement.

The children will learn vocabulary regarding the house and the objects within the house.

It will all be concluded and tied together with a video made by the students filming their home, putting to use what they have learned.

In this lesson we REVIEW the house vocabulary and practise different ways of talking about our house!

The project is to film and describe your house or your apartment.

Vocabulary - Rooms in the house

I live in a house

I live in an apartment

This is my bedroom

This is my sister's bedroom

This is my brother's bedroom

This is the bathroom

This is the dining room

This is the living room

This is the kitchen

I have a garden

Vocabulary 2 - Adjectives

My apartment is big

My room is small

It is clean

It is messy

My house is white

My bedroom is red

There are 5 rooms in my house

My home is beautiful

Vocabulary 3 - Objects in our home

This is my Teddy bear

I have a photo

These are my books

These are my toys

I have a closet

I have a rug

I have a desk

I have a lamp

I have a pet

I don't have a pet

Your teachers' home

Emma's home video

Sandra's home video

Grammar box

There are many ways we can talk about and describe our home.

The most common way is to use the verb "TO HAVE" or to use "THIS IS"  (for 1 object) or "THESE ARE" (for many objects).

We use adjectives to describe the objects. 
Ex: "My house is big and tidy" or "My bedroom is small and beautiful"


Il existe de nombreuses façons de parler et de décrire notre maison.

La manière la plus courante est d'utiliser le verbe "AVOIR" ou d'utiliser "C'EST" (pour un seul objet) ou "CE SONT" (pour plusieurs objets).

Nous utilisons des adjectifs pour décrire les objets.
Ex: "Ma maison est grande et bien rangée" ou "Ma chambre est petite et belle"