Around my town

Ethan’s tour of downtown Vancouver



A school

A cinema

A swimming pool

A shopping mall

A restaurant

A hospital

A library

A supermarket

A park

A train station

A bakery

A sport center

Questions and answers

What's in your town?

there is

In my town,

there is ….
there are ……..

Grammar box

There is / there are

Le choix entre les phrases qui ''There is'' et ''There are'' au début d'une phrase est déterminé par le nom qui la suit.

Utilisez ''There is'' si le nom est singulier («There is ONE cat»). Utilisez''There are '' si le nom est au pluriel («There are TWO cats»).

There is a library
There is a park

There are 2 restaurants
There are many hospitals

there is

Story box

Hello everyone! I’m back to tell you more about my city and to show you around! Want to come along? Great! Let’s start at the school, which is located in my neighbourhood. My parents work here as teachers. Next we have the cinema, located in downtown Vancouver. I love to spend time here at the weekends with my friends. The cinema is next to the swimming pool, where I practice with the swim team on Thursdays. My older sister and I like to go to the shopping mall on Saturdays to buy snacks. The hospital is only two blocks away. In my city, there are also a lot of restaurants. I sometimes study with my classmates at the library. I love searching for books on the tall shelves! The supermarket is always busy at the weekends. I go with my family on Sundays to help pick out the food. In my city, there are many green spaces. My favourite park is the Trout Lake Park located in East Vancouver. Pacific Central is the name of our train station. It is a big building that is popular on Fridays when people like to travel. In my city, there is a delicious bakery. I come here on Wednesdays to buy bread. My younger brother comes to the sports center on Tuesdays to practice karate.