Around my town

Naira gives directions around Mumbai






Next to

In front of





Questions and Answers

Where is the hospital ?

The hospital is ........

Grammar box

Il est très important de pouvoir donner et demander des directions. pratiquez ces prépositions de mots de lieu et de direction.

À = To
À = At
Sur = On
Dans = In
À côté de = Next to
Devant de = In front of
Derrière = Behind
Droite = Right
La gauche =Left
Tout droit = Straight

Pour demander à quelqu'un des directions, utilisez peut utiliser le soufflet:

Excuse me, where is the…?
Excuse me, how do I get to…?

Donner des directions à quelqu'un est facile. Utilisez les prépositions ci-dessus.

The library is next to the cinema. Turn left here and go straight.

Story box

Hello and welcome back to my city! Today I am going to be your guide as we walk around Mumbai. We will go to the market first. My family and I come here at the weekends to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. At the market, you can find many delicious things. It is located in the center of the city, on the main street. Next to the market is the shopping mall. There are many shops in the shopping mall. You can find things like a sari and other traditional Indian clothes. I like to go here with my aunt, uncle and cousin. In front of the shopping mall is a big cinema. Darshil and I like to watch new Bollywood films here together. Behind the cinema is one of my favourite quiet places in Mumbai, Sion Garden Park. We like to take our dog Aasha here after school so she can walk. When you leave the park, if you take a right, you will come across my grandmother’s bakery. She makes fresh naan bread here everyday. To the left of the bakery is my uncle’s restaurant. He makes delicious curries here and always has a lot of customers. Finally, if you go straight on the main road you can find my school. It is a medium-sized building with white walls and tall windows.