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Ethan helps us explore Vancouver


To Go

To Turn

To Stop

To Eat

To Buy

To Drink

To Walk

To Take

To Enter

To Exit

Questions and answers

What are you going to do today?

I am going to

Grammar box

The near future

Nous utilisons «va» (going to) pour parler de nos projets futurs.
Je vais fair mes devoirs ce soir = I am going to do my homework tonight.
Ils vont regarder un film ce week-end = They’re going to watch a film this weekend

To talk about the near future we use: subject + to be + going to + infinitive

I am going
You are going
He is going
She is going
We are going
They are going

What are you going to do today?

I am going to eat at a restaurant.
You are going to buy clothes.
He is going to go to the shopping mall.
She is going to school

Story box

Today I’m going to show you some of my favourite things to do in Vancouver! First, we will go downtown to the cinema. From here, we will turn right onto the main street. At the corner, we will stop at the restaurant on the harbour. Here, I like to eat fresh fish with my family. Next we will go to the shopping mall. At the shopping mall I like to buy clothes with my older sister and younger brother. After we shop, I usually like to go play in the park. At the park, I drink from the water fountain. I can even walk from the park to the train station in just five minutes– let me show you! From the train station, we will take a train from the east part of the city to the west. Here, we will find the sports center, which is next to the swimming pool. This means that you can enter the sports center from the main street and exit from the swimming pool.