Around my town

Naira shows us how to get around


A car

A bus

A taxi

An airplane

A boat

A train

A scooter

A bike

Questions and Answers

How are you going to the hospital?

Where is the hospital?

What are you doing?

Grammar box

Forming Questions

Les mots de questions les plus courants en anglais sont les suivants: How - What - Where

Where est utilisé pour désigner un lieu ou un lieu. (= Je veux connaître le lieu)

Where is the library?
Where do you live?

What demander des informations sur quelque chose

What is your name?
What are you going to eat?

''How'' peut être utilisé de différentes manières en anglais.
Une façon de l'utiliser est de demander des directions. Comment allez-vous à la bibliothèque?

How do i get to the library?
How are you going to the park?

Story box

Good afternoon! Today we will learn how to get around the busy city of Mumbai. The fastest way to get from my house to downtown is to take a car. Once downtown, I normally take the bus to get from one neighbourhood to another. Another popular form of transportation in Mumbai is the taxi, which is painted black and yellow. When we visit family in Calcutta, in eastern India, we take an airplane. My favorite way to get around to nearby cities is to take the train. At the weekends, I love to go out on my uncle’s boat to sail on the Arabian Sea. But when you are exploring the crowded streets of Mumbai, it’s best to take a scooter or a bike to avoid traffic.