Boy from Canada meets Girl from India

Good morning! My name is Naira!


a Girl

a School


I am not (I'm not)

I do not have ( I don't have)

I live

I live

My name is

The suburbs

a Teacher

best friend


What is your teachers name?

Who is your best friend?

Story box

Good morning, my name is Naira and I am a 10 year-old girl from India. I live in Mumbai, in the suburbs. I am studious and curious, but I’m not very athletic. I love school, there are 10 students in my class and my teacher‘s name is Aanya.  My favorite subjects are computer science and math and when I grow up I want to become the first Indian woman to go to Mars.  I have a younger sister, she is my best friend. My favorite animal is rabbits but I don’t have a pet. 
What is your teacher’s name ?
Who is your best friend ?

Grammar box

Compress and contract

L’anglais aime bien raccourcir et compresser pour aller plus vite / To go faster, english language likes to compress and contract :

I am → I'm

I am not → I'm not

I have → I've

I do not have → I don't have