let's go on a holiday!

Ethan needs to pack his bag


To pack

A suitcase

A holiday

A dress

A t-shirt




A jacket

A bathing suit

To wear

Questions and answers

What do you need to pack for your holiday?

I need to pack a bathing suit for my holiday

What do you like to wear for your summer holiday?

I like to wear a dress for my summer holiday

What do you not need to pack for your winter holiday?

I do not need to pack shorts for my winter holiday

Story box

Hello! It’s Ethan here. I have some exciting news for you all…I will be swapping houses with Naira in Mumbai, India! So, I will need to prepare myself and to pack a bag. In my suitcase, I will pack a t-shirt and shorts. I can’t forget a good pair of walking shoes! I think I will also bring my bathing suit in case we go swimming. I am so excited for this holiday!

Grammar box

To need

Le verbe “avoir besoin de” (TO NEED) est utilisé pour exprimer un besoin. Ex : j’ai besoin d’un nouveau téléphone / I need a new phone

I need a dress
I need help
She needs a t-shirt

I need to study
We need to pack
He needs to buy a ticket



What is it?


What is it?


What is it?


How do you say

” J’ai besoin d’une robe” 

in English?


How do you say

” Une valise” 

in English?