Let's go on a holiday

Naira Travels to Canada


To travel

To take the plane

An Airport

To check in

a passport

Time zones

A hotel

A map

A tourist

A ticket

Questions and answers

Where are you going to travel?

I am going to travel to New York

What are you going to do at the airport?

I am going to check in at the airport

What are you going to need as a tourist?

I am going to need a map as a tourist

Story box

 Hello, it’s Naira again! I’m so happy to swap houses with Ethan! It will be my first time in Canada. First, my uncle will drive us to the airport and we will get our tickets. Next, we are going to take the plane from Mumbai to New York. Then, we will transfer to Vancouver. We will be in three different time zones! Finally, when we check in to the hotel we will ask for a map of the city. I cannot wait!

Grammar box

The near future

Near future: Nous utilisons «va» (going to) pour parler de nos projets futurs.
Je vais fair mes devoirs ce soir = I am going to do my homework tonight.
Ils vont regarder un film ce week-end = They’re going to watch a film this weekend

To talk about the near future we use: subject + to be + going to + infinitive

I am going to
You are going to
He is going to
She is going to
We are going to
They are going to
What are you going to do today?

I am going to relax
we are going to take the airplane

He is going to go to the shopping mall.
She is going to go pack her bag.



What is it?


What is it?


What is it?


What is it?


What is it?