Let's go on a holiday

Ethan visits Mumbai


To go sightseeing

To relax

To visit family

To go on a tour

To visit a museum

To visit the monuments

To go hiking

To explore

To visit the zoo

To go to an amusement park

Questions and answers

What do you want to do on your holiday?

I want to relax on my holiday

Do you want to relax or to explore on your holiday?

I want to explore on my holiday

Are you going to visit family or visit a museum this summer?


I am going to visit family and visit a museum this summer

Story box

Hello everyone, it’s Ethan! I am writing to you from Mumbai, India. Yesterday we were tired so we relaxed in our hotel. Today, we will go sightseeing. I really want to visit the important monuments, like the Gateway of India. I also want to visit the zoo. Naira told me that there is also an amazing amusement park called Essel World. What a wonderful holiday I am having!

Grammar box

To want

Le verbe “vouloir” est utilisé pour exprimer une envie.
Ex : je veux un nouveau téléphone / I want a new phone

I want to relax
You want to visit a museum

She wants to travel to Canada
He wants to eat



What is it?


What is it?



What is it?



How do you say the verb

” Vouloir” 

in English?


How do you say

” Je veux rendre visite à ma famille” 

in English?