Boy from Canada meets Girl from India

Ethan's school bag


A Pencil case


A pencil

a pen

a ruler

an eraser




a notebook

a school bag


What's in your schoolbag?

Do you have a pet?

Story box

 Hi, Ethan here.  I have a new, blue school bag. In my school bag I have my books and my notebook.  I write in my notebook with my yellow pen. I keep my pen in my pencil case. I also have scissors, a ruler, an eraser, a pencil and glue in my pencil case.  
What’s in your school bag?
Do you have a pet?

Grammar box

There is / There are

Pour décrire ce qu’on voit, on utilise “There is” (au singulier) ou “There are” (au pluriel)
To describe what you can see, you use: “There is” ( singular ) ou “There are” ( plural)

There is a ruler ON my table

There are pens IN my pencil case