Ethan & Naira’s friends & family

Naira introduces her friends and family



an aunt


an uncle


a cousin

we have


a pet

we don't like

to sing


to read


to watch movies

to laugh


Do you have a big or small family?


Do you have any pets?

Story box

Hello again! It’s Naira. I would like to introduce you to some members of my family. My aunt lives in the same neighbourhood as me and my family. She is married to my uncle, Aniket, and they have a son named Darshil. Darshil is my cousin and he is two years older than me. My aunt and uncle have a pet dog named Aasha, which means “hope” in Hindi. On the weekends, we have dinner together as a family. My sister, cousin and I enjoy playing together. We don’t like to wait for the food to be served as we are always hungry. After dinner, Darshil and I like to sing together. My sister prefers to read during this time, as she is very shy. In addition to eating and singing together, we like to watch movies together as a family. I love the colors in traditional Bollywood films. We like to laugh and dance along with the characters.

Grammar box

La signification du verbe «avoir/ TO HAVE» indique la possession et la propriété, comme dans la phrase «I HAVE A BIKE» La forme actuelle de «to have» est principalement utilisée pour former le simple présent d'une phrase.

I have 2 aunts

we have a dog

She has a sister

You have a big family