Boy from Canada meets Girl from India

Hi! My name is Ethan!



A Boy



I have

My name is

I am


a Country

a City


a Street

a Neighbourhood


What's your name?

Where do you live?

Story box

Hello, my name is Ethan and I am a 9 year-old boy. I am from Canada (country) and I live in the city of Vancouver, in the East Vancouver neighbourhood, on Hastings street. I have blonde hair and blue eyes.  I like to skateboard and to hang out with my friends at the skatepark. My favorite subject in school is math, but I don’t like school very much. 
I have a dog, his name is Bucky and I love playing with him. My parents are teachers. 
What’s your name ?
Where do you live ?

Grammar box

Prepositions of place : IN- ON

Il ne faut pas se tromper de préposition en anglais / don’t mix up the prepositions:

I live IN a country, city, neighbourhood

I live ON a street