Halloween Stage

The dancing witch



To dance

A Witch


A Ghost

A Monster

A Vampire

A Warewolf


Story box

On Halloween Eve, under the light of the full moon, the creatures of Halloweentown were getting ready for the biggest event of the year. They were so excited to dance the night away at the Halloween party. A witch was putting on her new blue jumpsuit with yellow stars and purple boots. Across town, a monster with one eye was sharpening his teeth in the mirror. “I am a good looking monster,” he said to himself with a toothy smile. In the depths of a forest, a werewolf with sharp claws was preparing for the night by ironing his new red trousers. In the haunted house on the hill, a ghost was practicing his scariest “boo” in the attic. Under the bridge by the river, a vampire was adjusting his fangs and buttoning his black and red cape. The creatures of Halloweentown were almost ready for the party!


Grammar box

En anglais, nous utilisons le verbe ÊTRE (TO BE) pour exprimer nos noms, nos sentiments, notre âge et ce que nous sommes.
For negatives add ‘not’. 

I am 10 years old
You are french
He is a monster
She is happy
You are funny
We are ghosts
They are scared

I am not 9 years old
They are not English
She is not a teacher