Halloween Stage

trick or treat


To walk

To knock

Trick or treat





Candy corn


Grammar box

Nous utilisons ''some'' pour désigner des quantités indéfinies.

I have some chocolate

I have some cookies

Story box

Halloween town has the best Trick or Treat traditions– creatures from all over come every October to participate! This year, the witch and the vampire are competing to see who can collect the most candy. The witch, eager to get the night started, walks to the first house and knocks on the door. The vampire goes next and asks for some chocolate, his favorite Halloween treat. The witch’s favorite trick or treat candy are the cookies made by her friend the werewolf. At the end of a successful trick or treat night, the creatures decide to go home to see what they’ve collected. The vampire doesn’t like lollipops or jellybeans, so he decides to trade with the witch. The witch doesn’t like candy corn, so she happily agrees to trade. The witch says “I have some candy corn, would you like to trade your lollipops and jellybeans for that?”. The vampire and witch agree that this year, they’ve both won the competition. They sit together and enjoy their Halloween treats under the full moon.