halloween stage

Where is the candy?


A window

A chair

A table




A vampire

a monster


A ghost

A witch

A warewolf

Where is the candy?

Where is it ?

Where is it?

Prepositions of Place are used to show the position or location of one thing with another.

It is in the box

It is under the rug

It is on the table

Story box

On Halloween Eve, under the light of the full moon, the creatures of Halloweentown were getting ready for the biggest event of the year. They were so excited to dance the night away at the Halloween party. A witch was putting on her new blue jumpsuit with yellow stars and purple boots. Across town, a monster with one eye was sharpening his teeth in the mirror. “I am a good looking monster,” he said to himself with a toothy smile. In the depths of a forest, a werewolf with sharp claws was preparing for the night by ironing his new red trousers. In the haunted house on the hill, a ghost was practicing his scariest “boo” in the attic. Under the bridge by the river, a vampire was adjusting his fangs and buttoning his black and red cape. The creatures of Halloweentown were almost ready for the party!

Halloweentown has the best Trick or Treat traditions– creatures from all over come every October to participate! This year, the witch and the vampire are competing to see who can collect the most candy. The witch, eager to get the night started, walks to the first house and knocks on the door. The vampire goes next and asks for some chocolate, his favorite Halloween treat. The witch’s favorite trick or treat candy are the cookies made by her friend the werewolf. At the end of a successful trick or treat night, the creatures decide to go home to see what they’ve collected. The vampire doesn’t like lollipops or jellybeans, so he decides to trade with the witch. The witch doesn’t like candy corn, so she happily agrees to trade. The witch says “I have some candy corn, would you like to trade your lollipops and jellybeans for that?”. The vampire and witch agree that this year, they’ve both won the competition. They sit together and enjoy their Halloween treats under the full moon. 

The creatures, in search of more candy, decide to trick or treat at a haunted house they find at the end of the street. They hear a song coming from inside the house, so they decide to knock on the door. Upon entering, they see their friend the witch standing over a pot. She tells them she is making a potion using special ingredients. She starts to sing: “boiling hot, boiling hot, what shall we add to the witch’s pot?”. The werewolf replies: “boiling hot, boiling hot, we’ll add some spiders to the witch’s pot”. The ghost replies: “boiling hot, boiling hot, we’ll add some eyes to the witch’s pot”. The monster replies: “boiling hot, boiling hot, we’ll add a pumpkin to the witch’s pot”. The vampire replies: “boiling hot, boiling hot, we’ll add some snakes to the witch’s pot”. The witch adds a pumpkin, the final ingredient, to the pot. “The potion is finally ready!” the creatures gleefully exclaim. 

The festivities in Halloweentown wouldn’t be complete without a Halloween scavenger hunt. The creatures decide to play at the monster’s house. The vampire hides the first candy in the bedroom. The ghost hides some lollipops on the table in the kitchen. The witch hides the candy corn under the rug in the living room. The werewolf hides the cookies next to the window in the bathroom. The monster hides some jelly beans behind the chair in the dining room. The creatures take turns asking one another “where is the candy?”. The ghost points to the bag of candy corn and asks the vampire “where is it?”. The creatures have so much fun participating in this Halloween tradition!