Let me tell you about my day

Sarah goes to school


To wake up

To brush my teeth

To take a shower

To eat ( breakfast , lunch, dinner)

To wash my hands

To go to school

To do my homework

To watch tv

To read

To go to bed

Story box

Hello, it’s Sarah! Today I will tell
you about my routine before and after school. First, I
wake up and brush my teeth in the bathroom. Next, I
take a shower. At quarter after eight I eat breakfast.
Then, I go to school by bus. Before class, I wash my
hands. After class, I do my homework. I prefer to read
before I go to bed.

Grammar box

Present simple

We use the present simple to talk about things we do regularly.
For the present simple, add s or es for he, she and it.

For the negative, use don't for I, you, we and they, and doesn't for he, she and it.

I watch cartoons every day.
My dad makes dinner every evening.

I don't watch the news.
He doesn't make lunch.




What is it?


What is it?


What is it?


What is it?