Let me tell you about my day

Anthony helps around the house


To clean

To cook

To vacuum

To help out

To wash the dishes

To take out the trash

To go to ( an activity )

To set the table

To take care of

To tidy my room

Story box

Anthony here! Today we will talk
about how I help out around the house. On Monday, I
cook dinner and my brother cleans. On Tuesday, I go to
drama class. At the weekend, I tidy my room and wash
the dishes after lunch. I prefer to vacuum and not to take
out the trash.

Grammar box

Present simple

We use the present simple to talk about:
*something that is true in the present:
I'm nineteen years old. I'm a student. He lives in London.

* something that happens regularly in the present
I play football every weekend.

It's just the verb with an extra 's' if the subject is 'he', 'she', or 'it'.

The verb 'play' as an example:

I play
you play
he plays
she plays
it plays
we play
they play

To make the negative form, you need to use 'do not' (don't) or ' does not' (doesn't).

Negative (of 'play')
I do not play / I don't play
you do not play / you don't play
he does not play / he doesn't play
she does not play / she doesn't play
it does not play / it doesn't play
we do not play / we don't play
they do not play / they don't play




What is it ?


What is it ?


What is it ?


How do you say

”’Il prépare la table”

in English?


How do you say

”Elle cuisine”

in English?