Let me tell you about my day

Sarah’s favorite activities


I am singing

I am playing video games

You are doing the laundry

We are eating a snack

They are cooking dinner

He is riding his bike

She is tidying her room

I am drawing

I am reading

I am playing

Story box

Today I will tell you about my favorite activities. I love playing with my toys while my sister is drawing. I like to tidy my room while my mom is doing the laundry. While my dad is cooking dinner, I am riding my bike. We all love singing, but not when my brother is reading his book!

Grammar box

Present continous

The present continuous is made from the present tense of the verb be and the –ing form of a verb
We use the present continuous to talk about activities at the moment of speaking

I am workING
You are playING
He is talkING
She is readING
It is eatING
We are dancING
They are sleepING





What is this?


What is this?


What is this?