Sarah and Anthony eat at a restaurant



Juniors 1

Juniors 2

Waiter: Hello, welcome to the Sunshine restaurant. What would you like to order?
Customer: I would like a salad please, how much does it cost? 
Waiter: A salad costs 10 dollars 
Customer: Perfect. have you also got some water? 
Waiter: Yes. Would you also like some bread and butter? 
Customer: Yes. That’s delicious! Thank you!  One more question, where is the bathroom? 
Waiter: Next to the front door
Customer: Thank you.  I would also like some fruit for dessert when you bring the check. 
 Waiter: Okay.  Enjoy your meal. 
Waiter: Hello, welcome to the Sunshine restaurant. Do you have a
Customer: Yes, for a table of two. Can we please dine outside?
Waiter: Yes. Let me set the table with cutlery and napkins first.
Customer: Thank you. Where is the bathroom?
Waiter: Inside, to the left of the kitchen.
Customer: Great.
Waiter: What would you like to order today?
Customer: For an appetizer, I would like some bread and cheese.
For a main course, some potatoes and meat. And for dessert, do
you have some fruit?
 Waiter: Yes we do. I’ll put that in and bring you some waters. 
Customer: Thanks. May I also have the check with the dessert
Waiter: Sure, enjoy your meal!