🥳 At the Party🥳

🛍️Shopping at Gleeschool Party🛍️






How much does it cost?


I would like


Role Play Script

Staff: Hello, can I help you?

Customer: Yes, I would like a cake (or toys, books etc.) please?

Staff: How many would you like?

Customer: I would like one (two , three, etc ) please.

Staff: Do you like this one?

Customer: Yes, thank you. How much does it cost?

Staff: It costs two euros, please.

Customer: Here you go. Goodbye

Staff: Goodbye!

Grammar box

Would you like - questions

The polite way of asking for something in English is by using '' Would like''

It can be used both to express that you want something, '' I WOULD LIKE''

it can also be used to ask someone else what they want '' Would you like some water?''

I would like a salad
I would like some milk
We would like a table for two

Would you like some tea?
Would you like to sit inside or outside?
Would you like fish?