Sarah & Anthony went on a summer vacation

Anthony and Sarah exchange letters


A penpal

To exchange letters

To talk

To tell

To have

To live

It was hot

It was cold

It was sunny

It was rainy

Story box

Dear Sarah,
It’s Anthony – your new penpal! I am nine years old and I
live in the United Kingdom. I have one brother and a pet
dog. I live with my parents in a flat. What subjects do you
like to talk about? I like to draw, ride my bike and help my mom
cook. I went on holiday to Spain this summer, it was hot! I hope to hear from you soon.

Grammar box

Verb ''TO BE'' in the past tense

We use the past simple tense of the verb ‘’To be’’ to express past feelings, to talk about the past weather etc. It very important to learn.

I was
you were
She was
He was
It was
We were
They were

I was at my Gran's house yesterday.
You were late for school.
It was raining yesterday.
We were tired yesterday.




What is it?


What is it?


What is it?


How do you say

” C’était ensoleillé”

in English?