My home, My family

Sarah lives in a house


A house

A living room

A sofa

A bookcase

a rug

a dining room

A table

a chair

A kitchen

An oven

A stove

A refrigerator

Story box

Hello! Today I will tell you about my home. I live in a house in Cape town, South Africa. I live on Orchid Street in the neigh-
borhood Hanover Park. There is ________________________ with

a big green ________. There is also ___________________ with a
brown __________ and four __________. In my ___________, there
is ____________ and ___________. I hope you can visit one day!

Grammar box

There is / there are

Utilisez ''There is'' quand le nom est au singulier (« There is a cat»).
Utilisez ''there are'' lorsque le nom est au pluriel (« There are 2 cats »).
There is peut être contracté à there's

There is 1 ball
There is 1 chair
thers's a dog
there's a stove

There are 2 balls
There are 5 chairs
There are many dogs
There are 2 stoves




What is this?


What is this?


What is this?


Which is correct?



Which is correct?