Sarah & Anthony went on a summer vacation

Sarah went to Madagascar


(I saw) wild animals

(I went) on holiday

(I ate) tropical fruits

(I travelled to) +place

(I swam) at the beach

(I played) with my siblings

(I was) + emotion (happy)

(I bought) souvenirs

(I took) photos

(I wrote) postcards

Questions and answers

What did you do this summer?

I went on holiday

Story box

Hello, it’s Sarah again! Today I will tell you about my travels to
Madagascar this summer. I saw many wild animals. I also ate lots of tropical fruits! I played at the beach with my
sister, I was so happy in the water! I wrote many
postcards too. You’re reading one of them now!

Grammar box

Past simple - sentence structure

The past simple tense is a verb tense form that indicates that an action is completed in the past.
For regular verbs, we add -ed.
For irregular verbs, there is a special past tense form.

Here is how to construct a sentence in the past simple.

Affirmative (+)
Subject (I, you, he ,she etc) + verb in past tense+ rest of the sentence

I swam yesterday
I saw my cousins
we danced at school

Negative (-)
When we use the negative, we don’t change the main verb.
We use ‘did not /didn’t’ instead

I didn't SWIM yesterday
I didn't SEE my cousins
We didn't DANCE at school

Question (?)
To make a question, we add DID at the beginning of the sentence and we don’t change the main verb.

Did I swim yesterday?
Did I see my cousins?
Did we dance at school?

(+) I went to Spain last week
(- ) I did not go to Spain last week
(? ) did you go to spain last week?




How do you say

 »(J’ai vu) des animaux  »

in English?


How do you say

 »(J’ai mangé) des fruits tropicaux »

in English?


How do you say

 »J’ai joué »

in English?


How do you say

 »J’étais heureux’

in English?


How do you say

 »(J’ai acheté) des souvenirs’

in English?