Sarah & Anthony went on a summer vacation

Anthony went to spain


To go - Went

To see - saw

To be - Was/Were

To eat - ate

To travel - travelled

To swim - swam

To play - played

To buy - bought

To take - took

To write - wrote

Questions and answers

What did you do this summer?

I went to

I swam in the ocean

I ate lots of ice cream

Story box

Hello! My name is Anthony. I’m nine years old and I live in the
United Kingdom. This summer I travelled to Spain. I went
there with my family. I ate many yummy tapas. I swam in
the pool at our hotel. I played with my younger brother.
However, I didn’t write any postcards for my friends! Can you help me?


Grammar box

past simple

The simple past tense is a verb tense form that indicates that an action is completed in the past.
For regular verbs, we add -ed.
For irregular verbs, there is a special past tense form.

I play football - I playED football
I dance - I dancED
I travel to Spain - I travellED to span

I eat ice-cream - I ATE and ice-cream
​ I see my family - I SAW my family
I swim - I SWAM




What is the past tense of

”TO GO” ?



What is the past tense of

”TO SEE” ?



What is the past tense of




What is the past tense of




What is the past tense of