My friends and my family

My extended family



An aunt


an uncle

a cousin


A pet

To play


to ride a bike

I like

I don't like

Story box

I live close to my aunt  and uncle. Their names are Quassim and Julia. They have got 4 pets, two cats and 2 dogs.  They like to ride their bikes with the dogs and to play in the park. My cousin’s name  is Ben, we like to play golf.


Grammar box

To like and don't like

We can use like and don't like to say things are good or bad.

Use like and don't like for I, you, we and they.

Use likes and doesn't like for he, she and it.

I like apples.
You like the park.
We don't like snakes.
They don't like the rain.

He likes chocolate.
She doesn't like the zoo.
It doesn't like cold water.




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