My friends and my Family


Vocabulary 13


A mother (mom)


A father (dad)


An older sister

A younger brother


A grandmother


a grandfather


A family

Vocabulary 14


An aunt


an uncle

a cousin


A pet

To play


to ride a bike

I like

I don't like

Vocabulary 15

To sing

To read

To watch tv

To laugh

To cock

To dance

Vocabulary 16

To play cards

to play games

To play sports

To walk

to bake

To do puzzles

Vocabulary 17

To paint

To photograph

To go camping

To swim




Do you have a brother or a sister?

I have

Do you like ....

I like

I don't like

Grammar box

To talk about family using I have

To talk about family we can use ''I HAVE''
We use it to describe what family members we have. I have 3 brothers, I have 5 sisters.
To ask a question, you can say: Do you have a xxxxx (sister)

Do you have a grandmother?
Do you have a younger brother?
Do you have a sister?

I have a grandmother
I don't have a younger brother
I have an older sister

Grammar box

To like and don't like

We can use like and don't like to say things are good or bad.

Use like and don't like for I, you, we and they.

Use likes and doesn't like for he, she and it.

I like apples.
You like the park.
We don't like snakes.
They don't like the rain.

He likes chocolate.
She doesn't like the zoo.
It doesn't like cold water.

Grammar box

We don't like

To say that we do not like something , we use do not like ( don't like ) and does not like (doesn't like)

I don't like to sing
You don't like to read
We don't like to cock
They don't like to dance

She doesn't like to play
He doesn't like to watch tv
it doesn't like to sing

Grammar box

Present simple

We can use the present simple to talk about things we do regularly.
'' I play football every saturday''

We use the verb (to play) without ''to''. We need to add s or es for he, she and it.

We ride our bikes
You play tennis
We bake cookies

He rides a bike
She plays tennis
It jumps

Grammar box

Present continous

We can use the present continuous to talk about things we are doing now.

For Present continous, we use the pronoun ( I , you , he , she etc) plus the verb to be in the presnet ( am, is , are) + vers+ing

I + am + play+ing + tennis now

I am reading
You are eating
He is swimming
She is painting

We are cooking
They are dancing



Let's make a family tree

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