My friends and my family

We like to / We don't like to


To sing

To read

To watch tv

To laugh

To cock

To dance


Do you like ....

I like

I don't like

Story box

Hello.  It’s me.  I am going to tell you what I like and don’t like. 

I like to read and I like to dance.  My favorite books are the Harry Potter books. Do you like to read? 

I don’t like to sing though. My mother loves to cook but my father doesn’t like it. How about you, what do you like?


Grammar box

We don't like

To say that we do not like something , we use do not like ( don't like ) and does not like (doesn't like)

I don't like to sing
You don't like to read
We don't like to cock
They don't like to dance

She doesn't like to play
He doesn't like to watch tv
it doesn't like to sing



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