Cambridge Fun for Starters Unit 15

One, two, three animals

Dans cette leçon nous allons réutiliser ce que l’on a appris :

Animals, Adjectives.

What’s? Where’s? How many? What colour is it?

What’s he/she/it/doing?


What's this?

It's a small ugly black and red spider

What's this?

It's a funny grey and brown donkey​

What colour is the tiger?

It’s black and orange

Where is the fish?

It's in the water​

Where is the frog?

It's on the cap

Where is the snake?

It's under the kite

How many flowers are there?

There are four flowers

What is the man doing?

He's taking a photo

What's the bird doing?

It is flying

Grammar box

We can use adjectives to describe people or things / on utilise les adjectifs pour décrire des gens ou des choses. Remember : In English you put the adjectif before the noun / En anglais, l’adjectif se met avant le nom.

Be careful : Adjectives don’t have a plural form. Attention : les adjectifs ne se mettent pas au pluriel en anglais.