My house and my family

This is my family, we like to spend time together

The « My House and my family » replay is relating  to this period of confinement.
The children will learn vocabulary regarding the house and the objects within the house and also the vocabulary regarding their family.
It will all be concluded and tied together with a videos made by the students filming their home,  putting to use what they have learned, and filming their  family. 

In this lesson we will review the family vocabulary and learn additional ways to express how we are feeling about an activity.


I like

I don't like

She likes

She doesn't like

He likes

He doesn't like

We like

We don't like

I love

I hate

Do you like...?

Does he like...?

Grammar box

I like, I love, I enjoy

If you like doing something, you can use LIKE, LOVE, ENJOY 


For HE, SHE and IT - we need to add an S at the end

She likes swimming. 
He loves baking. 


When we talk about the negative we use :

For I, YOU, WE and THEY, we use DO NOT or DON'T 

For HE, SHE and IT, we use DOES NOT or DOESN'T

I like. I don't like / She likes. She doesn't like.


To form a question in English we use DO or DOES at the beginning, followed by the subject and the verb:

Do you like dancing? / Does she like dancing?



Voici les exercices que nous allons faire en classe pour nous exercer:


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