Let's cook!

Emma's Ham Quiche

The Let’s Cook Replay is a 4 week program design to teach English through fun delicious lessons and games.

Each lesson is focused on one recipe and one meal.
We will start with starters, then continue on to main course, drinks and desert.

  Perfectly designed for a delicious 4-course meal, packed with fun learning!

In this lesson we will learn how to cook Emma’s Ham Quiche.

We will learn what ingredients we need, useful kitchen vocabulary and how to say large numbers in English. 

Vocabulary - Cooking

A pan

200 Degrees

To crack

To crack

A bowl

To stir​

To add

To pour

To cook

Vocabulary - Ingredients

I need 3 eggs


I need 20 centiliters of cream. ​


I need 100 grams of grated cheese


I need 1 puff pastry​


I need three hundred (300) grams of ham

I need salt and pepper​

Grammar box

Large numbers

In English, when we are counting with large numbers we don’t add an S at the end.

100, 200, 300, 400, 500

one hundred / two hundred (no S) /three hundred (no S)/ four hundred/ five hundred/ six hundred/ seven hundred/ eight hundred/ nine hundred/ one thousand/ two thousand / three thousand (no s)/ ten thousand (no s)

125, 250, 420 510, 220

When saying large numbers in English you start with saying the hundred,thousand, million etc, and then continue with the smaller numbers after. 125 = One hundred twenty five. 220 =Two hundred twenty, 510= Five hundred ten



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