Let's cook!

Neiha's Raspberry smoothie!

The Let’s Cook Replay is a 4 week program design to teach English through fun delicious lessons and games. Each lesson is focused on one recipe and one meal. We will start with starters, then continue on to main course, drinks and desert.  Perfectly designed for a delicious 4-course meal, packed with fun learning!

In this lesson we will learn how to make Neiha’s raspberry smoothie. We will learn what ingredients we need, useful kitchen vocabulary and the difference between to cook, to bake and to make. 

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In English you can use both to cook something, to bake something and to make something.  But what is the difference? 

To cook means to prepare something by applying heat.  Generally, food that requires the use of a stove is cooked. 
  •  You cook pasta. You cook  potatoes. 
To bake generally means that something is prepared in the oven. 
  • You bake a cake.  You bake bread.
To make is a more general term and generally means the preparation and assembly the ingredients. It does NOT require heat. 
  • You make a salad. You make a smoothie. 

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Voici les exercices que nous allons faire en classe pour nous exercer:

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