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Help children in ukraine

About us

Who are we?

Who are we Partnered with?

We are an English Teaching School located in Saint Maur, Villiers & Boissy Saint George. Teaching English to children is one way to connect them with the rest of the world. When other children suffer, we care. Right now we care about the children of Ukraine and we want to help.

We are partnering with Datcha de la Marne ( they are sending trucks weekly to the border) UNICEF , the Mairie de St Maur (?) Villiers sur Marne (?)et Bussy St George (?)We will be collecting food and medical supplies in our 3 centers.

How to Help?

Donate food (non perishable-valid for 6months)

Donate money (care.org / unicef / croix rouge)

Donate medical supplies (list here)

Offer temporary shelter (for refugee mother’s and children)

Have your children send a drawing

Record a Love U video and post it on

Where to Help?

Saint Maur


Boissy Saint George